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Here’s (scroll down to see a list of resources at the bottom of the page) where you will find the extra resources for making IndieBound work for you and in your community. Use these resources in conjunction with the IndieBound POS DIY and you should be up and running.  Please let us know if you have ideas for further resources, or if you have found something yourself that you think would be good for fellow booksellers! Email or call 020 7421 4640.   

Our most recent and exciting development has been working National Book Tokens on our IndieBound Recommendations site, where you can vist to get REAL recommendations from REAL bookshops of REAL books.

IndieBound Recommendations

IndieBound Book Recommendations and book reviews are from real people and bookshops; the antidote to algorithm and chart-led book recommendations, they are made especially for you. To ask for the perfect, personal book recommendation, just click through to our Facebook page where a local bookseller will be happy to help you.

IndieBound Book Recommendations - Bookshops

Booksellers can use the recommendations on the site to populate their own website by using our widget - find out more here.

IndieBound Campaign Posters

We sent out to booksellers copies of these posters for use in their shops - more are available on request - contact 

Seasonal Point of Sale - Posters and Bookmarks for All Occasions
We are delighted to announce an Annual POS Pack for booksellers. For £70 you can order 12 seasonal POS packs, including posters and bookmarks, which will be sent to you in good time for the occasions.  You can also order INDIVIDUAL OCCASIONS for £12 (inc P&P and VAT) each.  Click here for the
order form, and email to express interest in the Pack or individual occasion POS.

We continue to offer downloadable POS on the site too - just click POS Items to Download on the homepage.


We are really excited to now have up on the site over 80 really striking and lively posters, for occasions ranging from Easter, Father's Day and Christmas, to Diwali, Hallowe'en and Summer Holidays.  Click on the POS Items to Download button in the right hand menu bar and you can see the full range.  If you don't have the password to download the POS, email 

SALE Poster
 If you are having a sale in the shop, we now have simple IndieBound Sale poster,  in red and white. Please click here if you would like to download a PDF of this  poster to print locally.  


Bookshop Pictures
Keep sending in your photos of IndieBound in situ.  Here are some great pictures of IndieBound in UK bookshops:


Christmas Books 2011 promises to be the best ever, with a bumper crop of titles submitted including titles from all the major publishers.
Independent booksellers have selected the titles from those submitted as well as nominating further titles to call-in. The result is successful mix of the literary, the quirky, the ‘surprise’ bestsellers that independents are often the first to spot and the high-profile that is perfect for independent booksellers’ customers.
The IndieBound message that proved so popular last year has been retained.
This year’s catalogue includes some fantastic consumer competitions including a place on the Faber Creative Writing course, stunning prints from Sarah Raven’s landmark book on the wild flowers of Britain, National Book Tokens and others.
To ensure we have the best-possible quality of children’s titles, we are delighted that the children’s section is being curated by award-winning Tales of Moon Lane bookshop. And another innovation is a seasonal round-up of recipes from independent bookshops around the UK.
As previously, there will be a digital version available to link to booksellers’ websites with an expanded Christmas Books Extra featuring enhanced title information.
For more information on Christmas Books, contact Sharon Down on 0207 802 0806 or


Also, Nielsen kindly sent out some t-shirts to booksellers for Independent Booksellers Week 2010 - here are a couple in situ!  More pics are at Nielsen IBW Pics.


Further Information on IndieBound Stuff - click below!

Getting Started Letter
Getting Started Leaflet
PR Primer
IndieBound Print Order Form
Window Display Guide
Organizing Bookshop Events Guide
ABA Guide to Using Twitter (produced by the American Booksellers Association)
See what Booksellers are doing in the US

IndieBound Connections

One of the key messages from IndieBound is connection. Connections within your community, connections with your customers, your local authors, your reading groups, your libraries, your fellow independent retailers in your town or city, village or suburb, your neighbours – in fact anyone you can think of who has an interest in creating a sustainable community with books at its heart!

We have gathered together a list of organizations who might be useful starting points for your IndieBound community-building. Nobody’s pretending this is a complete list – in fact it’s more likely it’s just a start. If you have other organizations in mind, please let us know, and we will add them to the list. If you have real tangible success stories to share with other booksellers about partnering with other people, or companies, let us know and we can put it up on the site as a case study. Or if you have experience of a Shop Local initiative in your area, let us know and we can put up the link – email

In the meantime, we hope this gets you going, gets you started with making connections and taking IndieBound into your community. Let us know how it goes.

 IndieBound US

Original US IndieBound site, started by the ABA, now encompassing campaign, trade and consumer information on indie retailers across the US